Vertical Balers


Vertical balers can handle fair quantity of waste such as paper, plastic, occ, cardboard, carton boxes. With our Vertical baling machine one can compress waste up to 11 tons per shift. These machines are very useful for traders and small paper industry who are dealing with low volume of waste. There are two type of vertical baler manufacture by Advance Hydrau Tech namely double cylinder and single cylinder vertical baler.


  • Capable to handle quantity up to 7-11 Tons/Shift*
  • Reduce logistics cost
  • Power efficient
  • No requirement of civil foundation
Model No Bale Size Bale Weight Production/Hr Strapping
Vertical Paper Baler 24"X36"XV 30-70 Kgs (In OCC) 2-3 Tons Manual
Vertical PET Baler 20"X28"XV 40-115 Kgs (In PET) 2-3 Tons. Manual
Vertical Double Cylinder 30"X48"XV 250-500 Kgs (In OCC) 6-8 Tons Manual