Triple Action Baler


High density Triple action baler machine which is designed to compact used car body scrap, aluminum, ms, steel, CRC, turning and light metal scrap. These balers are best suited for medium to large quantity of scrap processing and can easily compact 16 – 20 tons of industrial scrap per shift. As the name suggest "triple action baler", this type of baling machines works on the scrap from three directions, that is lengthwise, sideways and from the top. These are highly powerful and efficient baling presses that not only meet but exceed their goals with regard to operating costs, flexibility, reliability, robustness and operational safety. These efficiently produce high density and optimally compacted bales with its three side compaction process. All types of light metal scrap ferrous/non ferrous scrap can easily compact with desired bundle size.

The control and drive concepts of these bailing presses result in efficient operations with minimal consumption of power and maximum throughput capacity. The automatic lubrication system included in the bailing press results in minimum wear and trouble free operation


  • Available in both PLC Controlled and Semi-Automatic variants
  • Every scrap baler is efficiently equipped with three separate operating compactors which work on scrap compressing
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Multi-information PLC display for operation and troubleshooting
  • Replaceable wear-resistant plates are supplied with the Bailing Press for longer life of feeding chamber
  • Shearing blades on the edges of top lid and chamber are available for shearing oversized material
  • Additional scrap feeding hopper for enhancing the productivity of the baler
  • Inclusion of Check Valves and Limit Valves to avoid any accident
  • Post sale support and service
  • Customization of the Baling Press as per your specific requisites to include any required features.

Model No Bale Size Bale Weight Motor Cycle Time
Mini (6X6) Turnout Auto 6"x6" 10-16 Kg (Ms) 30 HP 60-65 Sec
Mini (8X8) Turnout Auto 8"x8" 15-27 Kg (Ms) 30 HP 45-50 Sec
Mini (9X9) Turnout Auto 9"x9" 25-40 Kg (Ms) 30 HP 45-50 Sec
Mini (10x10) Turnout Auto 10"x10" 30-45 Kg (Ms) 40 HP 40-45 Sec
Super (12X12) Turnout Auto 12"x12" 50-80 Kg (Ms) 30 HP 70-75 Sec
Super (12X12) High Density 12"x12" 50-80 Kg (Ms) 40 HP 40-50 Sec
Jumbo (13X13) Super High Density 13"x13" 150-250 Kg (Ms) 50 HP 80-85 Sec
Jumbo Ex (14X14) Turnout Auto 14"x14" 70-100 Kg (Ms) 40 HP 60-65 Sec
Jumbo (14X14) High Density 14"x14" 60-120 Kg (Ms) 50 HP 80-85 Sec
Jumbo (15X15) Turnout Auto 15"x15" 60-120 Kg (Ms) 50 HP 70-75 Sec
Jumbo Spl. (18X18) Turnout Auto 18"x18" upto 250 Kg (Ms) 60 HP 75-80 Sec
Jumbo Plus(20X20) Turnout Auto 20"x20" upto 350 Kg (Ms) 40x2 HP 90-100 Sec
Jumbo Plus (24X24) Turnout Auto 24"x24" upto 500 Kg (Ms) 50x2 Hp 85-90 Sec
Jumbo Plus(30X30) Turnout Auto 30"x30" 500-900 Kg (Ms) 60x2 HP 90-100 Sec