Industrial metal shredders offer an efficient and cost-effective way to process light material for higher value in scrap metal recycling. Advance Hydrau Tech offers complete shredding system for shredding all LMS (Light Melting Scrap), car body scrap and moderate sized commercial scrap (such as cycle, rickshaw body, white goods etc).These are best suited for all kinds of ferrous scrap (generally less than 4 mm thickness), mild steel (MS), aluminum profile, tense, UBC cans, brass components, aluminium copper radiator and more. The design of the metal shredder is based on the space availability – it can either be single line, L-shaped or C-shaped shredding system.

We offer shredding system for processing up to10 tons per hour. Owing to increased need and underlying economic potential of automobile shredding in India, demand for bigger shredding systems is growing. To cater to this need, we have partnered with the world pioneers of shredder manufacturers Newell Recycling Equipment, USA to offer shredders for processing upto 30 tons/hr of metal scrap. Their unique technology and patent design is used for manufacturing in our unit to offer a cost effective solution with the most advanced technology.

Our Shredding system typically Include:

  • Infeed Conveyor accepts metal scrap into the pre shredder
  • Pre Shredder includes rotary shear (twin shaft shear) to cut/ crush large and voluminous light scrap like drums, automobile body, white goods body, etc into smaller pieces. It is two-rotor type driven by motors and gearboxes to undergo abnormal load conditions and pre-shred without causing any noise or air pollution.
  • Infeed Conveyor to main Shredder transfers pre shredded scrap to main shredder. The small sized scrap that does not require pre shredding can be directly fed through this conveyor.
  • Main Shredder then shreds the fed scrap into small dense scrap. It is a robust hammer-type shredder with heavy duty bearings and bearing blocks.
  • Out Feed Conveyor takes the shredded scrap to metal separation conveyor
  • Non Ferrous Separation Conveyor then separates nonferrous metals from the product stream through magnetic separation.
  • Vibratory screen is used to remove dust and other smaller unwanted material (like plastic, wood, etc) from the processed scrap.
  • The system has a well-designed Electrical Control Panel having MCBs, safety devices, overload features and relays. Emergency stop is provided at two places to stop the entire system in case of emergency.
  • Oil Lubrication system and Cooling system are optional and can be provided.


  • Ease of Operation
  • Automatic Operation through PLC And Electrical Control Panel
  • Low maintenance with long service life
  • Oil Lubrication System for lubricating the moving parts
  • Reversing features on overload
  • Emergency Stop


  • Improved housekeeping and metal scrap handling
  • Adds value to scrap to get competitive selling rates
  • The yield of molten metal is higher
  • Reduced energy consumption in the furnace
  • Reduced charging time of the furnace because of denser material

We offer shredders with following capacity designed for all types of metal and automobile scrap

    1. 1-2 tons/hr
    2. 2-4 tons/hr
    3. 4-7 tons/hr
    4. 10 tons/hr

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