Material Handling Machines

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Scrap Handling Cranes


Advance Hydrau Tech offers high-quality and durable cranes and grabs for scrap and waste processing and recycling units. Scrap handling cranes are used to feed the scrap into processing machines and then load the processed scrap in buckets that are transported to the melting unit. These are heavy duty, robust and high speed cranes. A tough design and finely tuned controls make work easier and more efficient.Our exceptionally reliable, high-tech and easy-to-service cranes are the best answer to any lifting problem – custom-made for application in recycling and efficient throughout their entire life cycle.


Lifting Capacity 200 – 3500 KG.
Boom Length 7.5 MTR. (MAX.)
Revolving Angle 1800



Stationary Crane with Grapple Model 10L74 Technical Specification

Movable Arm 4000mm
Bucket Arm 3400mm
Effective Grapple Scope 7400mm
Volume of Grapple 0.25m³
Working pressure 230 bar
Rotating speed 80 RPM
Motor 30 KW (Part of Power Pack)
Pump 80 LPM
Grab Height 1015mm (Inclusive of Rotator)
Rotating Degree, with operation room 425 degrees
Effective Grapple Lifting Capacity 1000 Kgs.


Operator Cabin

Operator seat is already provided however cabin will be provided additionally

Hydraulic Grab Specification

No. Of Arms 4
Lifting Capacity 150 – 250 KG.

Power Pack for Operating Grab & Crane with Chiller

Power Pack Consisting Of:

A. Electric Motor, 30HP X 1440 RPM

B. Suction Strainer, 1” BSP

C. Breather Filter, Standard

D. Oil Drive, Axial Piston Pump

E. Oil Level Gauge

F. Ball Valve

G. Oil Chiller