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Metal Scrap Processing Machines

Advance Hydrau Tech offers a wide range of metal scrap processing machines to handle a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. We have the ability to design and manufacture industrial-grade, highly efficient metal scrap processing machines that can easily process large quantities of scrap by following the intricate yet efficient processes of baling, shearing, shredding and briquetting.

Advantages with Advance Hydrau-Tech

  • We are industry leader in metal scrap processing, and we cater to the diversified needs of different industries.
  • We have a perfect solution to best fit any budget with our most advanced array of small and big size machines.
  • We offer latest technology in metal scrap processing with our box shear and continuous shearing machines which are highly efficient in processing heavy scrap.
  • The maximum-density bales are a hallmark feature of all our products on offer.
  • You can definitely expect to reap the benefits of higher productivity and optimal efficiency.

Advance Hydrau Tech is a pioneer in creating highly advanced and efficient metal scrap processing machines. We know what we are dealing with and follow the global standards in processing the metal wastes without altering the environment. Our advanced technology and solution in processing metal scrap is trusted globally.