Double Action Baler


Double Action Baler or double compression baling machine compress scrap effectively from two sides, that is lengthwise and from top. These double action baling machines are suitable for all types of light metal scrap. Advance Hydrau-Tech's double action baler compress CRC, aluminum, turning, iron and ms scrap and produce high quality bundles. The baling machine double action model compact scrap material and produce high density bales in different sizes. These types of baling machines are perfectly suit the small scrap traders who require 5-8 tons of scrap to be processed in every shift.


  • This Baler is Suitable for All types of light metal scrap.
  • Double action baler can compact 4-7 tons of scrap Per shift
  • Best Suitable machine for Aluminum, MS scrap
  • Availability of Baler in fully automated PLC controlled mode
  • Low cost maintenance and after sale service
  • No requirement for Civil Foundation
AH 004 AH 005 AH 006 (Export)
Front Door Manual Auto Manual
Baling Chamber 12" x 16" x 45" (HxWXL) 16" x 20 " x 45" (WxHxL) 24" x 24" x 50" (HxWxL)
Bale Size 12" x 16" x 4-6 (HxWXL) 16" x 12" x V (HxWXL) 12" x 24" x V (HxWxL)
Weight of the Bale 20-35 Kgs (appx) (MS) 3-50 Kgs (MS) (appx) 40-60 Kgs (MS)
Idle Cycle Time 80 - 85 Seconds (appx) 75 - 85 Seconds (appx) 60 Seconds (appx)
Weight of the machine 2.5 Tons (appx) 3500 Kg. (appx) 5.5 tons (appx)