Advance Hydrautech is India's Largest manufactures of Scrap Processing Machines. Advance Hydrau Tech does not deal with any kindly of scrap. Contact us for machines Only.

Advance Hydrautech is one of the finest manufacturer of Scrap recycling machines. The scrap and waste like paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, aluminum, MS need to be processed before use. The real solution managing scrap is recycling. Our machines can compress the scrap or waste into bundles and make them reuse.

The in depth knowledge of the problems relevant to waste disposal and recycling of waste material and the technological skills acquired over the years, allow the company to offer concrete answers and efficient solutions for the various fields of application: from paper to plastic, from plastic to metals from WEEE to tyre wires and up to more specific and peculiar applications such as oil filters, electrical wires, oversized waste, hospital and other waste.