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SCRAP BALER / Scrap Baling Machine
Scrap Baler/Scrap Baling Machine/Scrap Bundling Machine is used to compress the scrap material into bundles. The scrap like aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel, waste tyre wire or turning scrap all need to be pressed before going for processing. Our scrap baling machines are capable to compess low to large volume of scrap which means we have mini baler to jumbo balers. Advance Hydrau Tech is known for quality and serving the world since 1976. We have manufactured and exported more than 7000 scrap baling machines worldwide.

Triple Compression Jumbo Top Ejection - Scrap Baler


Triple Compression Jumbo Turn Out Auto - Scrap Metal Baler


Triple Compression Jumbo Plus Top Ejection - Scrap Bundle Machine

scrap metal baler   baler equipment  
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Triple Compression Jumbo Plus Turn Out Type - Hydraulic Baling Press


Triple Compression Jumbo High Density - metal baler


Triple Compression Super Baler Turn Out - Bale press

 Hydraulic Baling Machine   Metal Baling Machine  
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Triple Compression Mini Baler


Triple Compression Mini Special Turn Out


Double Compression Auto Door (EXPORT) (AH-006)

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Double Compression Auto Door (INDIAN) (AH-006)


Double Compression Manual Door (AH-005)


Single Compression Model

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